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Three Reasons to Use Machined Pin Receptacles in Your Connector Design

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In the components business, and especially with connectors, price can often be the determining factor as to what product the manufacturer uses. And for a great many mass-market products and applications, the low-cost off-the-shelf, one-piece stamped receptacle fits the bill. The price is right, the performance is adequate. That’s why billions of these components are sold every year.

At the other end of the spectrum are products and applications for which the performance and quality standards are much higher because the cost and consequences of failure are much greater. These include medical, military, industrial monitoring devices, safety equipment and other applications considered critical. In these instances, because of its superior quality and performance, the design team should instead consider the improvements in reliability, precision and versatility that may be achieved by specifying a machined pin receptacle.

Sometimes referred to as PCB sockets, micro-plugs or connector jacks, machined pin receptacles are known for their reliability and versatility. The two piece construction combination of a precision-machined outer shell and stamped internal finger contact clip provide the flexibility, quality and reliability designers demand for mission-critical applications.

So while price plays a major role in most product designs, there are times when price takes a back seat to other factors. In many cases these factors will dictate the use of machined pin receptacles.

In this white paper we examine several of these factors and highlight three reasons for considering a machined pin receptacle in your next design.

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