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Allegro expands low EMI DC/DC buck regulators portfolio


Allegro MicroSystems Europe announced the latest additions to its Regulators Portfolio, the A8660, ARG81880 and ARG81801. These devices reduce EMI through switching frequency dithering and allow system noise management though external clock synchronisation.

The devices are AEC-Q100 automotive qualified, designed to operate over a wide input voltage range to withstand automotive stop/start, cold crank and load dump conditions, and are also capable of switching at 2.2MHz for reduction in component size and cost. Comprehensive safety and protection features enable robust designs and simplify component qualification. The devices cover a wide output current range (from sub-1A to 10A), provide tightly regulated supply rails across temperatures, and are targeted at automotive and industrial applications such as ADAS, HUD, telematics, infotainment, clusters, camera recorders, ECUs, smart appliances, industrial automation/robotics, IoT and others. Reference designs and demo boards are available.


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