Apacer’s SATA Modular SSD Series for Harsh Temperature Environments

The application of SSDs (solid state drives) to the embedded market is expanding. For industrial users in fields such as oil drilling, aviation, and vehicle system whose storage devices are exposed to stern environments, Apacer Technology Inc., the global leader in memory module, rolls out a series of SATA modular SSD: SDM (SATA Disk Module) 3.

The series not only boasts resistance to shock/vibration and low power consumption but also can run at extended temperatures (-40°C to 85°C). Such industry-level performance makes the SSD a highly reliable storage solution dedicated to demanding applications, including aviation that requires working at height and low temperatures; vehicle system whose chassis suffers drastic temperature differences; and oil well drilling that is performed at extremely high temperatures.
SATA Disk Module 3, Apacer’s next-gen industrial SSD series, adopts two types of SATA connector, i.e. a standard 7-pin connector and a 22-pin connector.