Non-isolated, High-Power 3-Pin DC/DC Converter Modules from ROHM Semiconductor

ROHM presents its new high-voltage resistance, high-efficiency DC/DC Converter module BP5277 family which eliminates the need of external components and thermal design.

Configuring a DC/DC converter used to be complicated and time-consuming, starting with the selection of ICs for the loads and covering circuit design as well as the selection of constants e.g. those for phase compensation, board design for obtaining desired characteristics, and thermal design for heat generation. This new 3-pin DC/DC converter module integrates all required components such as the control circuit, switching element, coil as well as I/O capacitors and also allows for high-power operation. Since the series can be deployed like a module, all necessary characteristics can be obtained without involving circuit and board design which significantly reduces the time, costs and energy required for the power supply design.