RFMD Releases RF3928 GaN Wideband Pulsed Power Amplifier

The RF3928 from RFMD is a 50V 280W high power discrete amplifier designed for S-Band pulsed radar, Air Traffic Control and Surveillance (ATCS), and general purpose broadband amplifier applications.


Using an advanced high power density Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductor process, these high-performance amplifiers achieve high output power, high efficiency and flat gain over a broad frequency range in a single package. High terminal impedance enables wideband operation and minimizes overall PCB real estate. This matched GaN transistor is packaged in a hermetic, flanged ceramic package that provides excellent thermal stability through the use of advanced heat sink and power dissipation technologies.


Wideband Operation 2.8GHz to 3.4GHz
Advanced GaN HEMT and Heat-Sink Technology
Optimized Evaluation Board Layout for 50Ω Operation
Small Signal Gain: 12dB
Drain Efficiency: 52%


Air Traffic Control and Surveillance
General Purpose Broadband Amplifiers
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