Reading Signals and Questions of Loyalty

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What are OFCOM doing here in the UK for live events management to enable the UK to participate in this new innovative spectrum sharing marketplace? Or shall we just continue to buy American? 

Back to the Home Front:

First, why did the UK Government announce the status of the Broadband roll-out on the 12th of August, the first day of the Grouse Shooting Season? And why was this status not accepted and believed by the All Party Group on Rural Broadband?

Hence, in essence the simple answer to the scope of this Culture, Media and Sport Inquiry is already well known. It comes down to people and resources. Just as it always does! Given the current controversy regarding BT, and the background of the Communications Review underway at OFCOM I would suggest the following open questions to the committee.

a) What is the skill level required for Openreach technicians? 

b) How long does it take to train one? 

c) How many more are needed? 

d) What shall you do with these technicians once the BT Broadband network is planted? 

Thereafter, has Norman and the rest of the committee read last year's House of Lords Inquiry relating to Digital Skills or the Inquiry concerning Overcoming the Valley of Death outlining the hoops technology companies in the UK have to go through? 

Incidentally just how much historical personal responsibility has Norman for the banking culture in this country directed towards (against?) Technology companies from his tenure pre-1997? 

Norman should also dust off the previous committees Eight Report into Spectrum from October 2011 and last year's DCMS UK Spectrum Strategy. [Particularly Figure 4?] 

Thus I would humbly suggest that before Norman embarks on this Inquiry any further he revisits some of these issues and does his homework.

Wellbeing and World-class

I have previously brought the reader's attention to the subject of Wellbeing Policy and its prominent relationship to overcoming some of the issues with measuring GDP, by the Treasury, and the turmoil the ONS is currently going through as it migrates to tackle the Big Data Agenda [note also the Science and Technology Committee's current The Big Data Dilemma Inquiry].  Aside therefore from pointing to the still unresolved issue of one word or two spelling context discussed previously at the British Academy this year, I shall skip further comment on the Wellbeing Agenda here. 

Instead, I shall merely state that to be world-class you first have to be capable of being a world leader.  Obviously! Would not Chairman Wheeler and President Obama and readers agree with me? 

In the communication field, UK plc, long, long ago when Norman was a banker (circa the end of the Cold War when Marconi, Ferranti Racal, Plessey were all disembowelled) abdicated any ambition or intention of keeping up with the US in this field.  What was lost was not just the Institutional Memory of these companies but the apprenticeships that oil manufacturing. This is only now being addressed. Consider that I have previously written regarding RSRE: once it is gone it is gone. 

So, in the UK what we have been left with is a technical rump at British Aerospace, Rolls-Royce, DSTL, QinetiQ and elsewhere pockets of exceptional specialist world-class skills sets such as at ARM [How long was the convoluted route from Inmos here?]