Reading Signals and Questions of Loyalty

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Careful Sharon, Ofcom are not the FCC or the NTIA. I would be all for a Regenerated Ofcom, rising to this big ask, but you currently don't have the people (irrespective of what they may tell you) or resources to achieve this. This is not a question of hiring additional lawyers.  It would also require a bold and courageous step on your part that Ed was not prepared to contemplate.  You also have to follow the rule of law as currently prescribed in the 2003 Act: unless, of course, you reinterpret the meaning and scope of the OPTIMISING SPRECTUM clause!!!   Note also the definitions given.

Surprising is it not that two days on from the announcement of this Inquiry, Google proclaimed worldwide how they have reached an agreement with the Sri Lankan government to provide total 3G WiFi coverage from the Stratosphere from helium-filled balloons! Project Loon Indeed! Just who are the loonies here? MP's or the satellite industry. What are the lessons to be learned from Motorola and Iridium? It shall be interesting to note if the current committee understands why you have to roll-out 3G infrastructure before you can roll-out 4G here. It's an LTE thing!

This balloon aspect was also raised in the previous Select Committees Spectrum Report! What has the UK Government response? What was the recent key technology aspect, covered in a previous blog that has made this balloon technology possible?  I should state that although the US FCC is light years ahead of Ofcom, nevertheless Google (Alphabet) has had to look abroad to access the total regulatory Test Bed blank canvas they craved.  

Seriously thought, if this Inquiry wants to project the UK into being a world leader again, I believe that it just simply has to recommend that we Fix Fourier Analysis aka the issues I have brought to the reader's attention in previous Electronics World articles regarding fractional truncation aspects and other aspects I shall bring in future articles regarding aliasing.  In the August edition of Electronics World the two articles: System Design exploration with OpenCL for FPGAs (Altera), and, Time to take the heat out of LEDS, using ARM A9 cores for Xilinx Zync System-on-a-Chip exhibits where the industry is still fixated.    

Also they would need to consider what the timescale for turning around a technology super-tanker such as the FFT and OFDM would be.  Could a banker appreciate why you have to adopt an evolutionary as well as disruptive top down revolutionary approach strategy here?

Perhaps the historical arguments behind these Fourier issues, even though Norman is on the Board of the Hay Festival and is well connected scientifically, would be beyond a banker's intellectual span of control or as Sharon White would put it a lack of "intellectual tractability". Who knows? 

In essence this goes back to the nineties again and generally the crossover concerning the end of the Cold War technologies and the beginning of the Internet and the Peace Dividend. All the problems were known and work a round's had been instigated. But the latest crop of digital engineers have lost touch with these historical aspects: it is called retaining Institutional Memory. Once it's gone its gone!


Finally, I see that Warren East has arrived at the top table and has been joined by his replacement at ARM Simon Segar and also Steve Wadley (CEO QinetiQ), replacing Vittorio Colao and Eric Schmidt on the Prime Minister's Business Advisory Board for this Parliament! 

What does this signify? Especially when you recall that Ian Livingston, the former CEO of BT Group has ceased to be a Minister of State. Why did he give up his BT post for a short stint from December 2013 till May 2015? Surely not just to acquire a title? So, what is Livingston now up too given that his fingerprints are all over last year's UK Government Spectrum Strategy? 

It shall be interesting to see whether Norman has the nerve to pick on Livingston in this Inquiry?  But as Norman has ambition to become PM I suspect that this shall be a step too far, too soon, as it could backfire with Livingston putting Norman in his place! Nevertheless we shall see how he does against Whittingdale. Incidentally Whittingdale has appointed Colette Bowe, the High Priestess of UK Consumerism to be on his board of advisors. Groupthink? 

I shall finish here with this extended blog and leave the impact of other geopolitical events and significant further questions of loyalty issues that impinge on technology till another time.  But I shall point out that once again I am indebted to Sue Owen, who pointed out in a previous hearing that Maria Miller asked for the Inequalities Portfolio to be added to her responsibilities at DCMS. I missed this one!

Anyway let's wait and see if the new OFCOM tool Mobile Coverage Checker works? 

Real time Spectrum Monitoring, nope, but nice try? 

Finally, I asked myself the following question. Would I be prepared to support the Select Committee being given more powers to scrutinise the Government with Norman in the Chair? My answer is yes, for Norman won't always be there!

Barry McKeown 

15th August 2015