Legacy Issues and the Geopolitics of Technology?

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On the 7th October, another historic event occurred in the EU Parliament: Hollande and Merkel made a joint speech, echoing the last joint speech by Mitterrand and Kohl in November 1989. In essence both speeches amount to a cry for a closer union of the peoples of Europe!


But how many people know that the 1989 joint speech set in motion the downfall of Margret Thatcher? Fate repeating itself for Cameron with the Referendum debate? Indeed, curious is it not that the Americans have left Russia to the Normandy Format with the UK deliberately sidelined?

Obviously there is more going on than at first meets the eye given that also on the 7th October Sharon White delivered a speech to the London School of Economics and Political Science! Sharon ended her speech by saying that "The challenge for OFCOM is to ensure that the market continues to deliver for the UK consumers, while allowing companies the space and opportunity to thrive and deliver decent returns. This will be easier if we have the full set of tools to do the job".

Whatever does she mean? Well, for sure, with the Chinese recently being in town, one thing is certain: we shall not be handing over the lead in Spectrum Sensing and Monitoring to Huawei.

The US and the WRC:

We hear much these days about legacy, but is a legacy everlasting? Facts never change. But a legacy is always capable of interpretation and reinterpretation; even when the facts always remain the same. Thus what are the historical facts regarding China such that a Communist Government should consider Britain being on their side to help open them up further to the West? Obviously that is why we have historians and public relations people: story tellers both are they not? 

Consider therefore what will President Obama's Legacy entail? Trade Pact Prosperity, Cuba and Iran to go with his Nobel Peace Prize? But will it be an everlasting peace? And what of Syria and Afghanistan? 

In his final year, oddly the so-called called Lame-Duck Year, Obama is at his most powerful for a very simple reason: he does not have to get re-elected, though in a democracy his Party does. Consider what if Obama should feel the need to deploy his unconstrained power against Cameron? 

I was pleased that Angus Deaton, who I have cited as a leading exponent of the Wellbeing Agenda (and the Legatum Institute) has just been awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics for his work on "consumption, poverty and welfare" employing statistical analysis techniques to generate what is termed "Evidence-Based Economics": hence the toolset for Global Wellbeing Policy shall be Deaton's Legacy. 

The LSE itself is no stranger to Deaton's work, more the pity here is that the so-called Evidence-Based-Policy adopted by OFCOM (which is in reality a legalistic adversarial arguments approach utilizing heuristic metrics: e.g. OFCOM web site 7th August: The UK is now a Smartphone society) has failed to take better cognizance and appreciation of Deaton's work. Hopefully under the leadership of Sharon this Wellbeing Agenda can be properly considered and advanced with her new toolset. 

Of course, the NTIA/FCC policy is "Technology Lead": the "what can be done", "when can it be done by" approach! 

Thus it would be anathema for them to sit around waiting for the evidence to roll-in, instead the NTIA/FCC are expected to lead from the front and makes things happen: fundamentally it is a technical capability and objective foresight thing!     

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