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Dear David, tell me what you want, what you really, really want? Dear Donald, I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want - but it has to be our secret - just so that the John Milton Brigade don't find out! With apologies to the Spice Girls, the true sentiments regarding our current PM are probably best summarized in the lyrics of that poignant Abba song: One of us.  


As we approach Christmas, and given the recent grave and serious events in Parliament, I thought I would attempt a light hearted look (having cited an Abba Waterloo lyric in a previous blog) at what people might be singing at festive time. Along the way I shall decode some of diplomatic language from David's Dear Donald 10th November letter: A new settlement for the United Kingdom in a reformed European Union. Cameron states what he wants in one word: Flexability?  In proper words, survival and human nature are at play but shall they ruin him or shall Abba's I Have a Dream save him? Thus, decoded, what Cameron really wants is just maneuvering room. 

Well, the tragic events of Friday 13th   have sputtered into Cameron's plans, as France begins to invoke the counter aggression clauses in the EU treaties, Germany begins to muster and deploy ground troops to Syria, the RAF are called upon to serve by deploying their lethal precision technology and we continue to progress to a full UN Chapter Seven Resolution over the Right to Protect.

The tragedy in his Dear Donald letter is that he writes "So we do not want to stand in the way of measures Eurozone countries decide to take to secure the long-term future of their currency......" I see, in diplomatic language that is an implied threat against our allies! In explicit language the subtext reads "We do not want to stand in the way but we will if we have too"! Consequently what sanction does Cameron really have to threaten someone else's currency with? Especially now that the Renminbi is scheduled to actively join the IMF elite as of the 1st October next year, as we evolve towards three global trade blocks. Having digested the full text of his letter together with his speech to Chatham House, I could see nothing obvious but I didn't expect too: that is not The Name of the Game. 

In essence is Cameron just playing on Adam Smith's critique from the Wealth Of Nations on pandering to The City, who prosper by playing with "other peoples money" over the future European Capital Markets Union that shall arrive with the Digital Single Market (and the TTIP), given that his placeman, Lord Hill, says that the fate of The City outside Europe is destined to be the role of supplicant, where they risk no longer being able to sing Money, Money, Money. 

The crux of Cameron's demand to satisfy the John Milton Brigade appears to center on the following extract from the Dear Donald Letter: "Britain is not seeking a new opt-out for the UK in this area - we have the opt-out from the single currency we need. Nor are we looking for a veto over what is done in the Eurozone......, I want to enhance the role of national parliaments, by proposing a new arrangement where groups of national parliaments, acting together, can stop unwanted legislative proposals. The precise threshold of national parliaments required will be a matter for the negotiation."  I see -New Arrangement - Mamma Mia!

Initiating EU Legislative Proposals is currently the sole provenance of the Commission for a very good reason: to weed out any single national vested interest being imposed on the other member states and to stop divide and rule tactics being deployed in the pursuit of ever closer union of the peoples of Europe. Commissioners such as Lord Hill are the guardians: thus Over-Lordship is prevented at source, consequently the John Milton Brigade and The City are rightly stuffed from the beginning - it is a power and knowledge thing!

Is the new arrangement Cameron is seeking analogous to the Silicon Valley companies getting the Californian State Legislature to pass acts that impinge on the legitimate sovereignty of the other US States industrial sectors such as in Texas? Doesn't Cameron know how Federal legislation is enacted in the US, and why there is the separation of powers between the President and Congress and the Federal and State Legislatures? Of course he does. So as with his hankering after Burkes Little Platoons, Cameron at heart is a closet Federalist.