Breaking Radio Silence

Pride and Prejudice and Fear. All these attributes have been on display since my last posting. To this we must now add Murder. Where are the peacemakers? The healers? And those who want us to unite not divide? I was intending to maintain radio silence until after the Referendum results were in. And the nations of the UK had made their own decisions. Clearly the spirit of prejudice (not to be confused racism) which we have sustained in our ancestors has come well to the fore and dominated the arguments. Emotions and gut instincts for a bygone nostalgia have had their say. But shall rational heads decide eventually on economic and national security to remain in the European Union? Where are the ties that bind us together?

So what prompted this minor intervention?
Well, it was not just the murder of Jo Cox, as the comments offered by so many of her friends and colleagues provide substantial testimony regarding her talents, her commitment and her humanity speak more clearly and eloquently than I could. Hopefully this tragic affair shall bring the nations to their senses and they see through the self-contradictory arguments inherent in each sides posturing. Basically, I believe that if you were unaware of the facts before the referendum was officially called, no amount of media commentary can rationally hope to enlighten .

Nor because I trust as readers shall appreciate the Encirclement strategy outlined in this blog against David Cameron has come to pass. The "I told you so" argument brings no self-satisfaction to me. Irrespective now of how the decisions on NATO and the TTIP in July or the monetary system 30th September target that shall see China's currency come to the fore with the pound bearing the price or even last week's wave of support for remaining by the scientific community as, frankly, the public don't know these people individually or collectively.

Instead just as I began this blog focusing on Net Neutrality, it has been the significant omission of the campaign precisely because politicians in the UK are ill-equipped to handle the arguments. Thus, it was the significant legal decision on the 14th June, when the US FCC survived the latest legal challenge in the Court of Appeal (by 2-1) to their Open Internet and Net Neutrality legislation which decided matters for me. In the US the next step is the Supreme Court.

In the EU, Open Internet and Net Neutrality legislation is progressing slowly in all 28 sovereign national parliaments.
But, and it is a big "but", if the UK leaves the EU what shall be the consequences of the John Milton Brigade deigning not to legislate for Open Internet harmonization? Simple answer: they don't care whether both the US and the EU unplug the UK Internet. Fine, that is their choice. They shall then have to explain to the country why the UK will have to resort to satellite-based UK proprietary standards as the 15th June publication from the Science and Technology Committee indicated in its published report into this one, the Eight Great Technologies, calling for a UK-controlled launch facility.

Also the CMS on the 20th June published its Cyber Security: Protection of Personal Data Online Inquiry Report.
Consequences anyone in the VoteLeaveTakeControl side??? I thought not!

So, for the Land of Hope and Glory the real choice is between Despair of the isolation of JMB ruling in a Hell of their own making or Hope in Europe with the US and the rest of the world.   

Barry McKeown
21st June 2016



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