Quiet Desperation

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"5G is not a technology. It is a Revolution" ! So, says FCC Chairman Wheeler. However there is no need for discouragement or exaggerated anxiety. Alas Tom is referring to "The Forth Industrial Revolution" as proscribed by Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum. Yep - two of those Globalization Experts. Now so despised and patronized by the UK patrician class, formed from the "elite" of the Oxford/LSE PPE Movement, currently engage in their stiff upper-lip,"Up the Khyber" posturing on the world stage. Or, as English Anti-Establishment Rock Band, Pink Floyd observed, "Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way" just "Waiting for someone or something to show you the way."  Well, their "Time" is up and their bluff is being called by the Global Financial Markets. 


Globalization is merely a euphemism for the advancement of Science and Technology. So true! Though with people it always, always come down to Education and Leadership.

I take no satisfaction in saying I told you so, but what comes next? And more importantly should I warn them? Would they listen? For the truth is very hard for people to take, especially those others who are fearful or have have lost hope in the integrity of institutions. Hence why real Sovereignty involves activate participation and partnership between the leaders and the followers. Disconnects are problematic. Consequently these S&T aspects are naturally outwith the ken and sovereignty of the uninterested and uninformed mass of the population fed on a diet of media gruel. Served up in order to benefit the PPE Brigade and supporting vested interests. But surely this is all okay provided they don't then make a fuss about it afterwards? Shall they complain over the new government backsliding on Leveson? Consider also the cultural lesson contained in Les Miserables' "Do you hear the People sing"  and understand why The English are not The French.

Indeed, S&T produces in these parties a state of confusion; retained indifferently to their philosophies. Consequently have you noticed how they still express diverse and self-contradictory opinions about S&T while clinging to the benefits of their smartphones and foreign travel? Pound shops even?  

S&T at heart is neutral in human terms. Both can be used for ill or good. Used by those who seek to benefit themselves and to disadvantage others as they don't believe in a common good. One problematic issue at the heart of this Forth Revolution is the unnecessary exploitation of generational disconnects by and through communication technologies. These generational disconnects have always been there, the problematic issue is that they have become more pronounced through lack of Digital Immersion. [Here I am not only referring to the Digital Disconnect which Broadband access issues exacerbates the human drama.]     

One open question thus is whether the "someone"  to be their saviour is PM May? But is she is being insincere and deceitful with them? Shall she break their cricket bat and blame it on someone else? She is a politician after all! As to Philip Hammond saying that "no one voted to be poorer, or less secure"? Well, actually they did! For that is exactly what the Leave Campaign led them to believe: that they would be slightly poorer but free. Did not every economic forecaster's (heavily caveat-ed) projections outline just how life outside the EU would impact to various degrees leaving the UK poorer than if the UK remained? Perhaps the Chancellor could produce one forecast to the contrary for us?

Consider again that I have previously written that the greatest strength of Democracy is that the majority have the right to be wrong, but that they must then bear the responsibility and accountability for the consequences and not vest their anger or repress their guilt and frustration. Even though they themselves were not liable for the deceptions perpretrated upon them. So, how can all these good people be brought into the light? Perhaps only by accepting that they were decieved! Alas how does one recognise Deceiving Spirits? Could Abraham Lincon possibly enlighten us?