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Leave Proponents?

What are we really seeing played out globally here? In my view it is the "We the People"  verses "We are the People", false dichotomy, fault-line espoused from the Founding Fathers and the John Milton Brigade. Never, ever forget though that the Founding Fathers are no lovers of Despotism (See a certain Declaration. And note no referendum was needed!).

Hence I shall take a brief look in turn at the "Wrecking Crew" ; comprising Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and David Davis. Let us never forget that after the Referendum it was widely commented upon that PM May had cast them as "The Three Stooges"  who would take the fall, while "Empress May"  takes all the glory. I shall begin with Boris first this time round. 

Boris wrote in his now infamous "Numskills" article about the TTIP (while plugging his book on Churchill naturally) by quoting Winston's two sayings from 1955: "Man is a Spirit"  and "Never be separated from the Americans" . Indeed! However, Boris is just Boris: he is no Churchill. Here context does actually matter: the Treaty of Rome was signed when Boris? Hence we should acknowledge, Winston foresaw that we would be dragged through the Spirit of Prejudice and Spirit of Self-Indulgence [Referendum] stages and become ensconced in the present Spirit of Defiance stage. Next comes the Spirit of Self-Destruction Stage. Thankfully to be followed by the Spirit of Healing Stage before we all hopefully then reach the Spirit of Renewal Stage. Although this evolution is not a fait accompli. Miracles do happen. For "Brexit does not necessarily mean Brexit". Despite reports to the contrary the Referendum was not an "overwhelming victory"  but instead had less than half the separation of opinions pertained in the Scottish Referendum, which naturally is still being played out as the Democratic process ensures. The UK is still a democratic state, is it not? After all when politicians lie to us to get elected in a General Election we can chuck them out in the next one. Which brings me round to Empress May: Clearly she has the authority to run her Party but where is her Democratic Mandate to lead the UK? What would Walter Bagehot have to say about her?

We also should recognize that eventually all market Trade Agreements shall have to be adopted through the EU Parliament not by silo-ed national governments. The realization of this fact has yet to sink in. But the real political battle yet to come shall be between Empress May and elected UK MEP's who are wisely biding their time and holding their council. How shall Empress May react, if or when, the Devolved MP's and elected Devolved Governments seek to bypass her and directly engage with these elected MEP's? (Especially if they pincer on the Council of Ministers - whose bidding shall the Commissioners do?) Alas whose side shall the ancient City of London Corporation [1066, Magna Carta etc] with it's own Mayor and own Police Force then be on? Of course we all know "The City" does not understand technology companies, but do they understand people? "No taxation without representation"  and the "Boston Tea Party"  events both come to mind here. 

Alas Boris who was the famous politician who said "Never should a Foreign Secretary be sent to the negotiating table naked"? Encirclement eh!

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