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Regarding the former statement, consider just the two mHealth applications I have previously brought to both OFCOM and the CMS Select Committee's attention: 

1) a real time wearable ultrasound vest for cloud based volumetric monitoring and viewing babies in the womb (not to be confused with current generation hand held slice 2D ultrasound 4G smartphone probe's) 

2) real time monitoring and adjustment of neurotransmitter's and hormones for human bonding or tackling medical issues such a Thyroid T4 level deficiencies. 

These very foreseeable game changing "killer applications", simply cannot be achieved with "current mobile data speeds".Nor with currently allocated spectrum bandwidths either. Thus Webb is either guilty of willful blindness or much worse. Patently the strategic necessity is ensuring these applications and others come on line concurrently in the US and UK and the EU by getting them on the same page.

Consider simply that DARPA funded the Deep Bleeder Acoustic Coagulation (DBAC) research, with Thomas McCreery as PI, which led to the development of the Ultrasound Arrays for a proof of concept Cuff in 2008, in partnership with Seimens Healthcare and Texas A&M. This technology reached it's InVivo testing stage in 2015, with Michael Sekins as PI. With results published in the Journal of Therapeutic Ultrasound and BioMedCentral web site. The next evolutionary technology issues with this application relate to low cost piezoelectric transducers via additive manufacturing techniques (GE is on the case) and low power thermal relief for wearable devices and overcoming the "Jelly on the Belly" issue. Who shall set the standards then for a 5G wireless cloud based implementation and allocate the spectrum bandwidths and occupancy for military and paramedic use? Another rhetorical question.

But the truly revolutionary aspect always, always comes with breakthroughs. 

Consider the recent technical US breakthrough by the team lead by Prof Payam Heydari at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). This sensor emits millimeter-wave 110 to 300GHz circularly polarized signals targeted towards security scanners and biomedical applications. Currently, as we know, Terahertz airport style scanners are limited to penetrating clothes and only a few mm-depth on human skin tissue. Thus the depth of penetration of the human body for organ and fetal viewing is the key breakthrough determinant here.  But be reassured and grateful that it is Ajit and the FCC, in conjunction with the FDA, who shall determine the policy for spectrum release allocation. (For Star Trek'ies think the conceptual vision of the original Dr. McCoy instruments!)   

Hence Webb and his ilk, who sit in the company of scorners, appear to me to be merely attempting to frustrate matters and muddy the waters, but why so? Just what is Webb's real game? Perhaps it is simply to buy time via regulatory delay? If so is it in order to roll out an inadequate and inappropriate Spectrum Sensing and Monitoring system based on current 3G technology from CRFS? Luddites! Or is Webb engaged in and merely pandering to the Surveillance State paranoid fixation to the detriment of mHealth data? Recently it was announced that their were over 20,000 smartphones operational within prisons. Such could only be permitted to be the case if someone in the Home Office did not want them blocked by geo-location means. Hence we are back again to the question of the future assignment for BDUK. This is really a matter best kept for when I get round to critiquing David Davis and Liam Fox for reasons I shall not elaborate on at present.

Besides his captive parochial audience, who globally shall listen to Webb? After all the Americans didn't over his Spectrum Usage Rights, when they adopted a more advanced and transparent Tertiary Spectrum Sharing Model or, indeed likewise, the other pieces of nonsense he offered them. However alternative visions (facts?) do serve a purpose and are indeed invaluable as sanity checks but nevertheless without having fully absorbed Webb's critique (I simply don't have the time to be blind sided and sucked into it) I say that there is a hidden agenda behind Webb's madness which is to do with "battening down the hatches" by the Establishment. 

For pertinent cultural references here look to the film "The Italian Job" (The original not the American remake). Webb is a fully paid up member of the "Self Preservation Society". This famous UK film, although a joy to watch, was immersed in the prevalent anti-Common Market "two world wars and one world cup" sentiments of the time. But the serious undercurrent to recall was the threat contained in the line delivered by Michael Cain's "Charlie Cracker" character: "If you kill us, there are a quarter of a million Italians in Britain and they will be made to suffer. Every restaurant, cafe and ice cream parlour, gambling den and nightclub in London, Liverpool and Glasgow will be smashed. Mr Bridger will drive them into the sea." Oh Dear! Given current parliamentary wrangling over EU residential rights, this warning should be taken on seriously board.

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