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Consumers and businesses should not be constrained by infrastructure that fails to keep pace with their needs and ambitions. Nor can the UK afford to lose its place as a world-leading digital nation. Just as we led the first, so we must lead the fourth industrial revolution - a fusion of the physical, digital and biological worlds that holds untold promise.

Being at the forefront of this revolution is even more crucial as we establish new trading relationships with the rest of the world."

Sharron is absolutely correct when she says "some people believe this technological revolution has been overcooked" her words, not mine, but what I can say which Sharon cannot, is that it is the Webb Neo-Luddite clique in the Establishment who need to be named and shamed, including the old-guard in OFCOM. But what does Sharon mean by the words "no one Internet"? The word Internet has always referred to a Network-of-Networks but is Sharon alluding that the UK is heading for a Closed rather than Open Internet?

However these Webb Neo-Luddites won't go without a fight, but importantly on Spectrum Sharing it shall come down to a technical decision with a clear cut winner. Thus technically speaking Sharon cannot get involved in this fight. Furthermore it is my belief that Sharon will eventually need the proper global technical support to get on the same page as the Americans and the Europeans in the interests of  UK National Security and Economic Wellbeing. 

Nevertheless good luck to Arqiva and Samsung with their new FWA 5G trials (Attrition? reliability or consistent connectivity? Up-gradability?) and to BT, Ericsson and King's College London also as they get on with it. 

Concerning the recently published DCMS "A Digital Strategy for a Digital Britain" - fine words, "Jam Tomorrow" or as the Americans say: "where is the beef"? 

Surrey and Cyclostationarity

As for Surreys involvement in this UK 5G Debate? What debate? The time for debating is over: America won - again. Look out from your ivory tower. Hence I would simply refer the reader to my"2016: A year for Conflicts and Reconciliations" Blog posting from January 2016, and the issues raised concerning NTIA's Stephan Voran's "Exploration of the additivity approximation of spectral magnitudes" technical exposition article. The underpinning critique is that Surrey is pursuing a course "doomed to failure" on its current trajectory. Simply put, Surrey either do not understand the arguments around Mathematical Spaces and Fourier Superposition and the FFT or is this another case of more willful blindness? (BSS pun intended). I shall explore the related topical issue of Cyclostationarity another time. Question: do the NTIA use the this term? Answer: No. Why not? 

Indeed, would the NTIA's technical arguments be over the heads of UK politicians? I believe this to be the case.

And what about Dresden? Will they abandon Surrey and move on? 

In the Chancellor's Budget Statement his "œ16m for a new 5G mobile technology hub" exposed the deception  of the governments rhetoric and pretensions on world leadership in 5G. False pride and hubris again.

Computing Quantum Breakthrough

Another UK technical breakthrough is once again a tragedy in motion. I refer here to the other provincial university, Sussex not Surrey, wherein Quantum Computing came to the fore recently. 

The abstract on this UK breakthrough announced last September in the US Physical Review Letters reads:

"Trapped ions are a promising tool for building a large-scale quantum computer. However, the number of required radiation fields for the realization of quantum gates in any proposed ion-based architecture scales with the number of ions within the quantum computer, posing a major obstacle when imagining a device with millions of ions. Here, we present a fundamentally different approach for trapped-ion quantum computing where this detrimental scaling vanishes. The method is based on individually controlled voltages applied to each logic gate location to facilitate the actual gate operation analogous to a traditional transistor architecture within a classical computer processor. To demonstrate the key principle of this approach we implement a versatile quantum gate method based on long-wavelength radiation and use this method to generate a maximally entangled state of two quantum engineered clock qubits with fidelity 0.985. This quantum gate also constitutes a simple-to-implement tool for quantum metrology, sensing, and simulation."

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