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INCA’s membership grows as focus on digital infrastructure intensifies


As the UK government continues to focus on full-fibre, and 5G and interest in infrastructure provision by independent broadband providers continues to grow, the Independent Networks Co-operative Association (INCA) has seen a dramatic increase in new members.

The acceleration in applications during the last 12 months has generated 34 new members from the commercial sector, bringing the total to more than 130 organisations. Among the new recruits are Eltek Power (UK), Fibre Bridge, Senko Advanced Components and Wifinity. In addition, INCA has attracted a growing roster of public sector organisations, mainly local authorities, keen to understand and engage with the range of suppliers.

“The impressive number of top-quality organisations that have joined INCA over the past year signals a growing commitment of network builders and operators to bridge the digital divide in the UK,” said Malcolm Corbett, INCA’s CEO. “INCA members already play a large part in providing 1.2 million full fibre connections around the country and as the focus shifts more towards increasing the pace of both fibre and wireless deployment, their role will only be amplified.”

One of the latest companies to take up membership of INCA is ELTEK, a global power specialist that develops, manufactures, sells and distributes cutting-edge power solutions and services.

“INCA is an incredibly important organisation as the race to fiberise the UK gathers pace and it is absolutely right that ELTEK be a part of the organisation, with our telecom power solutions playing a key role in broadband networks across the country,” said Craig Baker, Sales Manager at ELTEK. “We appreciate the opportunities INCA will bring to work more closely with operators of all sizes.”

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