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Inrush Current Limiter now available from Ecopac Power


The MEAN WELL ICL-16 series is a 16A AC inrush current limiter and can be used to reduce the start-up peak current caused by turning on AC mains power as this can be a particular problem with LED Driver applications.

Inrush current occurs when a system powers on and experiences a spike in current, this current can be substantially higher than the standard operating current. Installing the ICL-16 series inrush current limiter after the AC circuit breaker will significantly reduce the chances of tripping the mains,

The ICL-16 series has been designed with built-in thermal fuses and bypass relays which reduces the heat generated during operation and improves the applications reliability. They are able to suppress a 23A peak current and 16A continuous current.

The ICL-16 series is supplied with two options a DIN rail type ICL-16R and linear type ICL-16L

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