New low CXR photomos with optimized on-resistance

Panasonic’s new Low CxR PhotoMOS relays offer the smallest housings and lowest on-resistance for maximum continuous load currents of up to 1A. They belong to the successful Low CxR series PhotoMOS, with an optimized (low) product of C and R.

Especially measurement applications require the lowest possible output capacitance C at the open contact and at the same time a low onresistance R at the closed contact for high-frequency loads. Optimizing the capacitance and resistance component in the transistors makes this possible.

The most advanced MOSFET technology allows the combination of a very low contact resistance of 0.18-ohms (typical) with a low output capacitance of 37.5pF (typical) at the same time. The new types are available in the well proven ultraminiature VSSOP and SSOP housings. The vertical VSSOP housing with its minimal space requirement of 1.8mm x 2.1mm is the smallest design currently available on the market.