July-August 2019

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Improving display-caused eye strain with high-accuracy colour sensors

This article discusses the effectiveness of white-balancing technology and its dramatic impact on both authenticity and accuracy of colours displayed on screen.

Modelling thermal throttling of processors in consumer electronics

To achieve higher levels of processing, electronics devices need advanced, faster processors, with more cores. But, with higher processing speeds come greater power and, hence, more heat.

Recycle and reuse – a scheme for EEE makers

Reclaiming missing EEE and reducing the tonnes thrown into the bin could be a significant boost to making the manufacture of these products more resource-efficient.

Touch in flexible displays: which technology might prevail?

The market for flexible touch solutions has finally opened and will remain so until disrupted by another user interface solution.

It’s time for wireless power technologies

Wireless networking is one thing, wireless power quite another, and this technology lags behind in consumer awareness and adoption.

Q&A with Phil Sorsky, VP of international service providers at CommScope, who discusses the advances of 5G

We’re currently entering a cautious, early adoption phase of next-generation wireless technology, with a small number of users will receive first taste of 5G in specific geographic location.

Introduction to neural networks

AI is expected to have a profound impact on our society, becoming an intrinsic part of our daily lives, to the point that we won’t even know it’s there, but everyday tasks will be much easier and more seamless.

HMI central to the wide adoption of Smart Home automation

Bringing automation into the domestic environment has been talked about extensively over the last twenty years, yet, full-scale adoption has been surprisingly slow.

Technology will dramatically change train stations in the next 10 years

The rail industry is going through a revolution. Train stations are modernising, too.

Gesture recognition with ultrasound

A new class of ultrasonic transducers reliably detects distance changes, movement patterns and gestures in distances to half a meter.

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