Infineon’s New XENSIV MEMS Microphones Now at Mouser

The global distributor Mouser Electronics is now stocking IM69D120 and IM69D130 XENSIV MEMS microphones from Infineon Technologies. The high-performance, low-noise microphones are ideal for applications such as high-quality audio capture, voice user interface, active noise cancellation and audio pattern detection in monitoring systems.

Infineon XENSIV microphones are designed for applications that require low self-noise, wide dynamic range, low distortion and a high acoustic overload point. Infineon’s dual-backplate microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology enable high linearity of the output signal within a dynamic range of up to 105dB. The dual-backplate MEMS technology is based on a miniaturised symmetrical microphone design, similar as those in studio condenser microphones, which generates a truly differential signal. The technology allows improved high frequency immunity for better audio signal processing and increases the acoustic overload point of 10% total harmonic distortion (THD) to 135dB SPL.