Rohde & Schwarz launches new high-performance oscilloscope

Rohde & Schwarz launched the R&S RTP high-performance oscilloscope family that combines signal integrity with a high acquisition rate. In standard acquisition mode, it can measure a million waveforms per second, making it more than a thousand times faster than other oscilloscopes in its class, picking up sporadic errors faster.

During the development of the new oscilloscope family, the innovative T&M expert particularly focused on measurement accuracy, speed, a wide range of functions and future-proof technology. The R&S RTP combines various instruments better than any other oscilloscope in its class, making it particularly suitable for debugging, e.g. embedded components with fast digital or wideband RF interfaces. The R&S RTP is available as a 4GHz, 6GHz or 8GHz model, with higher bandwidth models expected in 2019.

The R&S RTP compensates transmission losses from the signal source to the oscilloscope, so-called de-embedding, in real time. The advantage is that the oscilloscope is still extremely fast even with signal correction activated. A time-saving feature is its hardware acceleration for a range of analysis functions. Mask tests, histograms and frequency domain analyses can be performed at high speed for fast results with high statistical reliability.

Rohde & Schwarz introduced its handheld oscilloscope RTH1000 model in 2010. Since then, it has built a comprehensive oscilloscope portfolio, with T&M now representing half the company’s revenue.

“With the R&S RTB2000, we have already achieved a two-figure market share in the 2000 class after just one year. Our R&S RTO2000 oscilloscopes with the to-date highest bandwidth of up to 6GHz have already caught up with the long-established suppliers in this performance class, which demonstrates that our customers value us as a reliable and innovative supplier on the oscilloscope market,” said Mathias Leutiger, R&S product manager.