Rigol Technologies has introduced four new high-end oscilloscopes with a large 10.1” touch-colour display.

The MSO/DS7000 is a versatile mixed-signal high-performance oscilloscope that incorporates many of the latest Rigol own-designed ChipSet ASIC technology and integrated processes. With bandwidths of 100-500MHz (bandwidth upgrade), sample rates up to 10GS/s and with four analogue and 16 digital channels, the MSO/DS7000 series is perfectly suited to many application areas, including research and development, universities and schools, production and quality control as well as the communications, automotive, aerospace, industrial and power electronics sectors among others.

All models provide a large 10.1” touch-colour display for better and clear signal representation and for optimal display of additional information, such as cursor positions and their coordinates, mathematical parameters and more. Memory depth is up to 500 million points.