Interested in connected homes, housing agents analysed findings from Eureka!, who surveyed 946 UK households to better understand their current attitudes towards a range of factors concerning smart home technology.

It found that the majority of Brits believe the living room (72%) is the space in the house best suited to introduce smart technology, followed by the kitchen (53%) and then the bedrooms (34%).

Smart security systems and video doorbells and are of most interest (47%), followed by smart lighting (45%) for wireless adjustment of brightness/ambient colour and schedule.

“The growth of smart home technology over the last few years has been phenomenal. Despite most being initially sceptical towards the technology, improved understanding and more affordable pricing have given smart devices greater appeal. This research certainly shows that Brits are beginning to have a firm grasp of the smart technology they desire and would be willing to actively use in their home," said Robby Du Toit, Managing Director of

"Looking into the future, with the integration of smart home devices expected to become a real incentive for prospective buyers/renters, the technology could play a fundamental role in increasing the overall value of properties," he added.