Highly-accurate precision power analyser

The new Yokogawa WT5000 is the first in a generation of precision power analysers offering measurement accuracy of ±0.03% at 50/60Hz. It also combines stability, noise immunity and plug-in modularity.

The instrument helps designers evaluate power consumption, loss and efficiency of electrical and electronic devices in a wide range of sectors, including electric vehicles, renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies. Being a platform, Yokogawa states that the instrument will stand the test of time through a selection of modules for measuring various parameters.

The WT5000 incorporates up to seven input channels, and can carry out two harmonic measurement functions simultaneously, each at up the 500th order and up to 300kHz fundamental waveform. Using the WT5000 equipped with the /MTR1 and /MTR2 options, it is possible to evaluate up to four motors simultaneously with one unit.