Toshiba Develops DNN Hardware IP for Image Recognition AI Processor Visconti 5 for Automotive Driver Assistance Systems

Toshiba has developed its Deep Neural Network (DNN) hardware IP that will help to realise advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving functions.

The company will integrate the DNN hardware IP with conventional image processing technology and start sample shipments of Visconti 5, the next generation of Toshiba’s image-recognition processor, in September 2019.

The DNN hardware IP draws on deep learning to deliver more accurate detection and identification of a wider range of objects than image recognition based on conventional pattern recognition and machine learning. It enables Visconti 5 to recognize road traffic signs and road situations at high speed with low power consumption.

Toshiba will promote Visconti 5 equipped with DNN hardware IP as a key component of next-generation advanced driver assistance systems.

Advanced driver assistance systems such as autonomous emergency braking are now being widely adopted, from luxury cars to subcompacts. They are also expected to offer increasingly advanced capabilities - for instance, the 2020 version of the influential European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP), the EU-backed safety standard, adds testing to avoid collisions at intersections. This trend will increase the demand for more advanced and capable systems.