Sunon fans now available in IP68 version

Dedicated to harsh environments, the Sunon IP68 version fans are protected against heavy dust and incoming water. Three models are already available and have had UL/TUV certification.

To get the IP68 certification level, Sunon engineers developed a complete potting process coating for the motors of the IP68 fans, whereas usual models have glue coating or conformal coating. This specific moulding process covered 100% of the stator, coil, circuit and wire by shaped resin, preventing the system from dust and water intrusion. Anti-rust treatment (salt spray protection) is also available as an option.

Several tests have been conducted with success under extremely dusty and wet conditions: 8 hours under a maximum depression of 2kPa, 1 hour less than 1m of water.

Sunon IP68 fans are dedicated to harsh environment applications, like outdoor telecom, solar farms inverters, factories, onboard automotive, outdoor LED lightings and others. Customization is possible on demand for large series.