Rohde & Schwarz and HAMEG offer HMO3000 Complete Bundle At A Low Price

Rohde & Schwarz has put together an attractive T&M equipment bundle: a specially priced HAMEG HMO3000 mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO) plus two logic probes with all the available software options free of charge. Anyone thinking about purchasing a new oscilloscope should act fast to save up to 40%, depending on the selected model. The promotion only runs until December 31, 2014.

The offer applies to all two- and four-channel HMO oscilloscopes from its subsidiary HAMEG Instruments. The Complete2 bundle includes the two-channel 500MHz HMO3052, and Complete4 contains the comparable four-channel HMO3054. At no extra charge, the Munich-based electronics specialist adds two HO3516 8-channel digital probes with a sampling rate of 1 Gsample/s for analyzing up to 16 logic channels. The two logic probes are not tied to a specific instrument and can be used with any other HMO oscilloscope. To complete this attractive bundle, the HOO10, HOO12 and HOO14 software options are also included.