Fairchild's IntelliMAX dual switches offer the tightest current limit tolerance

Fairchild Semiconductor brings designers of set-top boxes, notebooks, netbooks and ultra-mobile portable devices (UMPCs) a new family of advanced load switches, the FPF23xx series.

Packaged in a dual configuration, these devices offer the industry's tightest tolerance (15 percent) current limit protection, simplify design and accelerate the time-to-market window. This tighter tolerance allows designers to reduce the maximum operating threshold (i.e., the upper current limit), which eases component sizing and application evaluation, while not interfering with the normal operating performance of the design.
This current limit protection design challenge can be seen in multiple-USB port power applications, where designers must protect their systems from excessive loads on the USB interface. USB 2.0, the current standard, specifies a maximum current of 500mA. Using Fairchild's IntelliMAX, advanced load switches, designers meet this specification by setting the device's minimum current limit to 500mA, which at 15 percent tolerance, equates to a maximum current limit of approximately 700mA. The equivalent performance using a 25 percent tolerance-device is 500mA minimum and 900mA maximum, or almost twice the set point. This performance, coupled with its low (<3uA) leakage current draw and an ultra-fast (<20us) protection response, make Fairchild's FPF23xx series ideal for providing current-limiting protection in set-top boxes, computing and cell phone applications.
The FPF2300, FPF2302, FPF2303, FPF2310, FPF2312 and FPF2313 are part of a comprehensive family of IntelliMAX advanced load management switches. These devices provide robust protection and power conditioning for a broad range of computing, consumer and portable applications. With their high-level of integration, these solutions are easy to design-in, save valuable PCB space and reduce overall component count.
Price (each, 1000 pcs.): US $ 0.82
Availability: Samples available now
Delivery: 12-14 weeks



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