Universal four-function AC power meters provide compact true-rms metering solution

Expanding its Datel offering of Digital Panel Meters, Murata Power Solutions has introduced a new series of four-function AC Power Meters. The ACM20 series is able to measure and display AC Volts, Amps, Watts and Power Factor with a typical accuracy of ±0.5% full-scale.

Unlike conventional average-responding products, the new meters accurately display true-rms voltage and current values of triangle and square waves plus other irregularly shaped waveforms.
The compact, rugged, surface mount ACM20 series is designed for use in mains powered applications such as power distribution units, breaker panels and generator sets in industrial, commercial and residential markets. A universal 85 to 264VAC (@47 to 63Hz) operating voltage allows use worldwide, and users can choose from models with a range of either 0-30A (with 0.01A resolution, 7200W max.), or 0-100A (with 0.1A resolution, 9999W max.). Power consumption is less than 0.25W (from a 120VAC supply).
A front panel selector switch provides two modes of operation: a fixed reading of any of the four parameters, or a continuous cycling through of all four measurements. An optional model is available that is also able to display line frequency with 0.1Hz resolution. All ACM20 multi-function Power Meters include built-in current transformers and require no user supplied components.
With a large 9.2mm (0.36in.), four-digit, bright red LED display, ACM20 series' measurements can be easily read from distances of up to five metres. The one-piece, vibration resistant polycarbonate housing is suitable for installation in vertical 0U and 1U rack spaces, and the surface mount design with overall dimensions of 53.3mm (2.1in.) x 36.3mm (1.43in.) x 12.95mm (0.51in.) occupies minimal panel space. Operating temperature range is 0°C to +60°C.


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