Microchip introduces quad digital-to-analogue converter with non-volatile EEPROM

Microchip announces the MCP4728 Digital-to-Analogue Converter (DAC) - what it claims is the industry's first 12bit Quad DAC to include non-volatile EEPROM, enabling the DAC's configuration to be loaded automatically during power-up. The on-board EEPROM, coupled with an internal voltage reference,
four-channel architecture and rail-to-rail precision output amplifier, enables the MCP4728 DAC to significantly reduce the size and component cost in a variety of battery powered and power-constrained applications.
Through the integrated I2CTM serial interface, designers can configure the MCP4728 DAC's input codes, configuration bits and I2C address bits. This configuration information is stored in the non-volatile EEPROM and therefore retained after power is removed, making it available immediately after power is reapplied and reconfiguring the DAC during power-up.
The architecture of the MCP4728 also allows each of the four channels to be individually shut down, thereby reducing power consumption to as low as 40nA, helping designers to meet or exceed cost and size requirements while providing the resolution and low power consumption that today's battery powered and power-constrained applications require. These include consumer (personal media players, digital cameras and GPS devices); medical; industrial; appliance, and automotive (LED lamps and alarm/security systems) devices.
The MCP4728 Evaluation Board (Part # MCP4728EV, $15) is available to help designers quickly evaluate the MCP4728 DAC in their applications. The MCP4728 DAC is sampling now and is available in a 10-pin MSOP package.

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