New miniature power relay from Tyco Electronics provides higher electrical performance


Addressing the latest market demand, especially in the appliance industry, for higher electrical switching performance on little PCB space, Tyco Electronics has extended its well known and well established PB range of power relays with a new version called PB6.

The PB6 miniature power relay provides a very high electrical life of 100.000 cycles (in accordance with VDE) at 85 degrees Celsius, 250 VAC, 10 A. The PB6 device features the same mechanical dimensions as standard PB1 components. However, the standard PB1 power relay, in comparison, only provides an electrical life of 30.000 cycles. The high electrical life of the PB6 device is unique within its class of miniature power relays and offers around double the life compared to other solutions, such as "sugar cube"-type relays.


The PB6 miniature power relay is available in a normally open format and features a 500mW coil to operate the strong contact system. The PB6 component uses environmentally-friendly cadmium-free contacts and features plastic materials according to IEC60335-1 as standard. The new device is ideal for cost-sensitive applications in the appliance industry, requiring a high and also reliable switching performance. Primary target applications are white goods, small home appliances, heating temperature controllers and vending machines.

In general, PB series power relays only require a PCB space of 225mm² (15x15mm square and 20mm high), compared to the space requirements of "sugar cube"-type relays of approximately 370mm². Another important feature of PB series power relays is the "best in class" clearance and creepage distance of 4/5 mm (which is also featured by the new PB6 device).

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