GSM/GPRS module-in-a-package shrinks embedded wireless applications

UR Group has extended its range of dual-band GSM/GPRS data modules, giving designers the extra choice of a surface-mount module for direct soldering to the PCB, with QFN pinning and a footprint of 30.2mm x 20.8mm. UR's new module, the Teltonika TM1, combines its small outline with a total height of only 2.87mm. This is approximately half the height of the Teltonika TM2 plug-in board introduced by UR in 2008, and brings the TM2's comprehensive voice and data functions to miniaturised, tightly integrated board designs.
The TM1 is a GSM/GPRS class-10 module capable of meeting class-4 and class-1 transmit-power requirements. Sub-300mA operating current and standby current below 2mA deliver extended operation in battery-powered and embedded applications. These will include telematics systems including security and covert monitoring, asset management and tracking, and general-purpose automation and data transmission applications.
The module has 52 pins supporting power- supply, charging, SIM, antenna and keyboard connections, as well as comprehensive system-level interfaces such as I2C, SPI, and a measurement input for a 12-bit ADC. Further features that aid hardware integration include 3.5V-4.2V supply voltage range, and an integrated 350mW/8Ω audio power amplifier for handsfree-voice and melody-player functionality.
Easing integration at the system level, the TM1 features a TCP/IP stack to support networking applications and comprehensive support for GSM protocols such as the GSM 27.010 multiplexer protocol enabling several applications to access the embedded GSM/GPRS stack concurrently. GSM and 3GPP AMR audio codecs are also supported.
The TM1 carries all applicable certifications, including CE approval, R&TTE approvals, 3GPP TS51.010-1 release 99, and general-safety approvals such as IEC60950, EN301 electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) regulations, and the European low-voltage directive.