Rigel wheels out new biomed field service kit at AAMI Expo

Rigel  Medical (Booth 249) will be showcasing its new trolley case-based  biomed field  service  kit  Med-eKit  at AAMI Expo (June  6-8th,  Baltimore  Convention Center, Baltimore, MD).

The Med-eKit is used for the rapid testing of electrical safety and operation of medical  devices and equipment used in hospitals, operating theatres  and  other facilities.

The  biomed kit features hand-held analysers for electrical safety (Rigel  288), NIBP  (Rigel  BP-SIM)  and  SP02  (Rigel OXY-SIM), a  battery  operated  patient simulator,  ventilator tester, printer and barcode scanner and asset  management software housed within a lightweight, impact and water resistant wheeled Pelican trolley case.

Foam  inserts  safely hold the instrumentation in place and  provide  protection during  transportation,  while  the  kit  can  be  further  customised  to  meet individual   specifications  with  the  inclusion  of  a  laptop,   multi-meter, temperature meter and power analyzer.

The  kit  is suitable for field service engineers requiring a flexible, easy-to- use and accurate solution for testing medical devices for both functionality and electrical   safety  to  manufacturer's  specification  or  to   a   number   of internationally  accepted  standards  and  guidelines  such   as:   IEC   62353, IEC/EN60601-1, VDE 0751-1, AS/NZS 3551, AAMI, NFPA-99, MDA DB 9801-2006 etc.

Traceability  is  improved with the Rigel 288 as information can  be  downloaded into Med-eBase - an easy-to-use asset management software. This enables the user to  store  and manage test results, email html test certificates to clients  and schedule new work orders, which can then be fully uploaded into the Rigel  288's large onboard memory.

Also on display will be the Rigel 377 high performance electrosurgical analyzer, used   to   improve  the  speed  and  ease  of  electrical  safety  testing   of electrosurgical devices

The 377 features a range of easy-to-use custom settings, including a variety  of test  sequences and power distribution curves which make testing faster,  easier and more accurate.

Compliant with IEC 60601-2-2, it is capable of checking to within high  extremes of  accuracy the correct and safe performance of electrosurgical devices  during routine, type and production line testing.  A large array of internal resistors, ranging  from  10  - 5100Ù in 10Ù steps, provide extremely accurate  and  detail power curves.