One-piece test lead plugs for budget applications

Test leads fitted with 4mm diameter stackable plugs formed in a one-piece manufacturing process have been introduced for the first time by Multi-Contact. The new design has the advantage of providing a particularly low transmission resistance, since the Multilam torsion spring element is formed as an integral part of the plug.


The production process also means the test leads can be manufactured with the same high quality but at reduced cost, making them particularly suitable for budget conscious users such as laboratories and educational establishments as well as OEM applications.

The 0.75mm2 diameter leads are made from highly flexible stranded wires and can be supplied with PVC or silicone insulation in a wide range of lengths and colours.

Touch protection is provided up to 1000V (CAT II)/600V (CAT III) in accordance with the IEC/EN 61010-031 standard, even when unmated.