LED Backlight Driver IC for Medium and Large Displays

Now available from Allegro MicroSystems Europe is a new multi-output WLED/RGB driver for backlighting LCD monitors and televisions.

The A8516 is a versatile and economical LED driver IC that will enable system designers to reduce component count and overall system cost. The device integrates a boost controller to drive an external MOSFET and six internal current sink channels capable of up to 80mA each, and channels can be combined together to achieve even higher currents.
The boost converter operates in constant-frequency (programmable) current-mode control. The LED sink current is set by an external resistor (R_ISET), and PWM dimming allows LED currents to be controlled.
The A8516 incorporates protection against overvoltage, open or short-circuited LED string, and over-temperature conditions. A dual level cycle-by-cycle current limit function provides soft start and protects against overloads.
The A8516 is offered in a 24-pin TSSOP package (LP) or a 24-pin SOICW package (LB), with internally fused pins for enhanced thermal dissipation.

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