Geensoft launches Reqtify 2010

Geensoft, the specialist independent provider of software design tools and associated professional services for embedded systems development, has launched Reqtify 2010, a major new version of its award-winning tool suite for the automated management of embedded hardware and software requirements capture, traceability and impact analysis throughout the entire development lifecycle. Reqtify 2010 delivers improved productivity through an extensive range of new and enhanced plug-in tools, features and interfaces.

"Reqtify 2010 includes the most extensive range of new features and functions that we have introduced," said Eric Larronde-Larretche, Geensoft's Product Line Manager for Reqtify. "Approaching 10 year's old, Reqtify's well-proven technology is now firmly established in, and extremely widely used by, the embedded systems design community worldwide."

Reqtify 2010 includes new Collaborative Project Management and Reviewer plug-in tools. The new Collaborative Project Management (CPM) plug-in considerably eases a previously painful and time-consuming process for OEMs relating to the collation and management of design partners' requirements and traceability data.  It enables project managers to consolidate all projects and sub-projects into one global Reqtify project, with automatic linkage of design artifacts to the original requirements. This enables remote teams to more easily undertake global impact analysis, measure requirements coverage and share results on an entire project throughout the development lifecycle. The new CPM plug-in includes a specific user management module allowing user profiles, rights and roles to be defined in order to facilitate access control.  The Reviewer plug-in has also been completely re-built to make it more visually oriented, facilitate workflow customisation and improve the management of user rights.

Reqtify 2010's range of new features is extensive. Links management is critical to requirements traceability and Reqtify 2010 now provides the ability to automatically highlight suspect links that have to be validated as soon as changes occur to covered requirements. A new Links Detail View has also been included where engineers can create, edit and analyse traceability and dependencies between project artifacts. It is also possible to define links as either traceability or dependency links so that the required coverage calculation is obtained.  A completely reworked Management View enables engineers to easily check project progress and metrics using visual indicators for traceability achievements, requirement errors and quality. Rules Management has also been significantly improved with a new rules management cockpit that enables existing rules to be enabled/disabled using a simple check list and new rules to be created using a simple, intuitive rules editor.  A new XML-based tester enables pre-analysis of data to be undertaken prior to the allocation of specific document types to analysis reports. Filters can now be defined with variable values instead of having to define separate filters for each value.

Reqtify 2010 also includes a range of new and enhanced interfaces. A new Eclipse CDT interface and tagger overcomes a major hole in Eclipse Workbench enabling requirements traceability to be easily added to the C/C++ code generated using the CDT capability. The IBM-Rational DOORS interface has also been upgraded to include Full Hierarchy analysis which can be used when there is no clear definition of Sections and Requirements.  The interface for HP Quality Center has also been significantly enhanced to include support for Version 10. Improvements have also been made to the Microsoft Office suite and to Sparx Enterprise Architect interfaces.

"With over 10,000 users in 500 companies in Europe, North America and Asia, the launch of Reqtify 2010 further reinforces our position as the market leader in the automated management of requirements gathering, traceability and impact analysis for embedded systems," said Eliane Fourgeau, CEO of Geensoft.  "It also highlights our commitment to the ongoing development of our products and importance as a strong, independent player in the market for embedded systems design tools following our recent management buy-out from Geensys."

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