Cell site and network evolution

Speaker: Paul Gowans, Global Marketing Manager, LTE Test Solutions, JDSU

Wireless coverage and capacity with the need to access mobile apps from anywhere continues to drive the market. The traditional copper based macro cell site is evolving embracing the need to meet the ever increasing demands of the hungry handsets (and hungry watches!). Networks are now formed from a variety of Radio Access Networks (RANs): HetNets, DAS, Small Cells, WiFi and Macro. Fiber is becoming the dominant technology both in the Backhaul and now the Fronthaul countering some of the issues relating to Coaxial cables.

At the same time, LTE continues to expand with LTE Advanced (Carrier Aggregation), MIMO, LTE Broadcast (eMBMS) and now VoLTE.

So, what’s needed to ensure the Contractors, Installers, NEMs and Operators have the tools and products to meet these ever growing turn-up and management demands to ensure a high QoE ? This cannot be left to chance and solutions must evolve to meet these needs.