Allegro launches QuietMotion family of code-free FOC sensorless BLDC fan drivers

Allegro MicroSystems Europe launched its QuietMotion family, which consists of fi rst-to-market Field Oriented Control (FOC) brushless DC (BLDC) electric motor controllers that are customer code-free.

The devices are designed to provide reliable and efficient low audible noise performance whilst reducing design cycle time. Whereas most FOC BLDC drivers require software developers to code the algorithm in a microprocessor, QuietMotion devices integrate Allegro’s innovative FOC algorithms.

These advanced algorithms allow for smooth, quiet motion whilst eliminating the need to write software, which significantly lowers R&D expenses and reduces time to market. With only five external components, these devices also minimise bill of materials (BOM) cost, improve reliability and reduce design complexity. The result is a quiet, easy to implement, and with efficient outcome.

The first member of the QuietMotion family is the AMT49406.