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Plexus invests in engineering and new product introduction facility in Scotland


Electronics manufacturing and engineering services company Plexus has received a £1.07m grant from Scottish Enterprise as part of a £3.21m R&D project being undertaken by the company. With the funds, Plexus plans to renovate its facility in Livingston, Scotland, and hence supports its continued growth and technology offerings for the European markets. This renovation completes Plexus’s multi-year investment to expand and upgrade all eight of its global engineering facilities.

“I am delighted to announce that Plexus [has] been awarded a £1.07 million grant from Scottish Enterprise. This investment is expected to create five additional R&D jobs at the Pyramids site and lead to an increase in revenue. Innovative and ambitious companies like Plexus are vital to the Scottish economy. As outlined in the Scottish Government’s Economic Action Plan we are supporting business investment through R&D grants to ensure that the technology and engineering sector continues to be a significant contributor to the Scottish economy,” said Kate Forbes, Digital Economy Minister.

Plexus’s Engineering Solutions, rapid prototyping factory and electrical and mechanical laboratories are co-located in this purpose-built facility.  This co-location fosters a high level of cooperation and an efficient way for customers to access Plexus’ teams that support the development of highly complex products from conceptual design to manufacturing.

Within the facility, Plexus continues to further expand engineering services, specifically within analogue and digital circuit design, mechanical modelling and prototyping, industrial design and internet of things (IoT) platform development. This enables Plexus to maintain its leadership position within the fast-paced electronic engineering and manufacturing industry.

“Plexus has invested heavily in Scotland over the past few years, expanding its facilities, refining its processes and increasing productivity to ensure it remains globally competitive,” said Paul Lewis, Managing Director, International Economic Development, Scottish Enterprise. “Its latest project underlines both its commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest possible standards, and to its Scottish operations. Plexus’s continued presence in Scotland is symbolic of the country’s reputation for excellence in the electronics industry.”

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