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Single Chip Solution for Top View System with Image Recognition Capabilities


Renesas Electronics and Renesas Mobile Corporation announced the availability of their new image recognition system-on-chip (SoC), the SH7766. This solution integrates on a single chip all the functions required for the implementation of camera-based surround view systems together with the display of crucial information such as lanes, signs and markings, pedestrians, vehicles, etc.

The new SH7766 SoC retains compatibility with Renesas’s existing SH77650 image recognition SoC while delivering improved performance. In particular, the display functions such as viewpoint conversion and dynamic range control (brightness compensation, etc.)  have been enhanced. These new functions make it possible to develop applications with clear top-view virtual camera visualization. These can use different viewpoints to display the changing surroundings in real time and provide monitoring functionalities such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).
Renesas’s next-generation SH7766 image recognition SoC improves on the performance of its predecessor, the SH77650, and delivers enhanced view functions and higher image recognition engine performance.

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