Centenary Issue – April 2013
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Centenary Issue – April 2013


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This is a big year for Electronics World, we are celebrating 100 years in print.

Electronics World started life in April 1913 as Wireless World and over the past hundred years the changing face of the industry has been reflected in our informative features and the changing face of the magazine. Not many publications can boast such a long history and we are very proud to have been informing and aiding the electronics industry for 100 years, so please join us in celebrating this achievement – our first 100 years!

To mark the event we published our collectors’ edition April 2013 Centenary Issue with informative and fun articles looking back in time, but also looking forward to future industry developments.

In 2012 we surveyed our readers to find out which past features they would most like to see again in Electronics World and you voted overwhelmingly for Arthur C. Clarke’s famous article first published in 1945 in Wireless World on geostationary satellites, which are the foundation of modern-day satellite communications. This article also featured in the BBC’s ‘The Genius of Invention’ programme broadcast on the 7th February 2013, you can find more information and see a clip of the episode on the BBC website here.


Inside the Centenary Issue

Survey – The Next 100 Years
Extra-Terrestrial Relays by Arthur C. Clarke, October 1945
Current Dumping Audit Amplifier by P.J. Walker, December 1975

Q&A – Bob Dobkin of Linear Technology
T&M – Accelerating Productivity, Innovation and Discovery Since 1976
Scopes – Oscilloscopes Evolve to Fit Their Times
Cars – How IC Solutions Helped Cars to Evolve
Engineering the World
20 Years Ago – Living in an Era of Technology Revolution
Key Trends on the Technology Frontier – From Growing Your Own Organs to Spectrum Wars
Smart Cities of Tomorrow
Cars – Vehicles of the Future – Seeing and Thinking
CAN – CAN in Automotive Applications: A Look Forward
Connectors – Marvels of Engineering Design
Circuit Protection Innovation Over the Years
Audio – Releasing the Music in the Golden Gate Bridge
Theory – The End of the Road?
The Challenges of Using Conflict-Free Minerals in the Electronics Industry


Digital Issue

Digital Issue
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Have you seen the Electronics World Digital edition? In addition to the monthly print issue we also produce a digital version of the magazine which can be emailed directly to your inbox. The