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Why choosing the right spring-loaded connector saves long-term cost – and reputations

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Reliable machined pin contacts reduce total cost of ownership in key applications

In today’s cost-sensitive world, designers are often driven to specify the lowest cost solution for every aspect of their designs to ensure that their solution is competitively priced, and their company remains profitable. However, specifying a low-cost, low-quality connector solution can result in premature failure, considerable re-work costs and damage to reputations.

What are the benefits of precision machined spring-loaded pins?

When connector quality and reliability are of utmost importance.

  • Spring-loaded pins that are precision-machined are among the highest quality interconnects available in the world.
  • Essential in critical applications such as industries that manufacture equipment for medical, military, aerospace, law enforcement, fire protection, security and industrial safety.
  • One of the chief benefits of spring-loaded pins is that a connection can be made with one component instead of two as required by most connector systems. 
  • A spring-loaded pin can simply mate with a pad on a mating PCB.
  • That translates to fewer parts on the BOM, fewer parts to purchase, fewer parts to assemble and fewer parts to be concerned about availability and delivery in the supply chain.

How can spring-loaded pins save time and money?

  • A primary benefit of spring-loaded pins is their ability to absorb stack-up tolerances in board to board interconnect designs.
  • This assures a quality connection as every spring-loaded pin has a defined amount of plunger travel which allows it to compensate for tolerances in any given design.
  • Spring-loaded pins are also more forgiving in terms of positional tolerance as perfect alignment is not as critical as it is in most connector systems.
  • The cost benefits here are obvious; fewer field failures and faster assembly times.

Spring-loaded pins possess unique features and properties that often contribute significantly to overall cost savings in a variety of design situations. They facilitate single-sided connections, require less space and reduce BOM cost. They also compensate for mechanical variances while reducing the need for precision alignment.

When considering all the benefits that spring-loaded contacts provide it is obvious that they can be a significant cost and time saver in any electronic design.

Download the whitepaper here!

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